REGISTRATION FEE: There is a $20 yearly registration fee per student. Registration Fees are due at sign up for new students, and paid each Fall for returning students. With registration fee, students will receive a T-Shirt and water bottle. Students are encouraged to bring water bottle to each class as studio is no longer using single use plastics. Summer camps and workshops do not have a registration fee or studio fee. Registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.


TUITION: Tuition is due by the 1st of each month. If you need it come out the 15th of each month, please email the studio [email protected]. All accounts are set up on automatic draft with the credit card provided during registration. By signing up at Young Actor's House you give YAH permission to bill your credit card for all tuition, fees and balances. Tuition will come out on the 1st of every month unless it falls on a holiday/weekend, in which case we will bill on the workday before. All tuition and fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.


SIBLING DISCOUNT: Tuition for the first class will be at the largest full price listed, additional siblings will be discounted 5% per class each. Discount applies only to regularly scheduled weekly classes.


PRORATED CLASSES: Prorated classes are only available for new students who start in the middle of the month. Tuition is based on the total number of days in the year, therefore tuition remains the same for all months.


PAYMENT PLANS:  We do not offer payment plans at this time. The entire balance is due on the first day of class or at the time of coaching.


CELL PHONES:  No electronic devices will be allowed in class. Students may bring them, but they will be asked to deposit them in our phone box for the duration of class.


MISSED CLASSES: There are no refunds or discounts for missed classes. A class missed cannot be made up unless there is another age appropriate class. Classes have to be made up within the month they are missed and approved first. No more than 2 makeups/month.  *Should student book professional work in Film or TV,  classes may be pro rated or reimbursed based on the discretion of the studio.


INCLEMENT WEATHER: If we have bad weather and have to cancel class, YAH will send an email out. Classes cancelled due to inclement weather will be rescheduled. We will make every effort not to cancel classes.


CUSTOMER PORTAL: All active families may access their account detail at any time via the YAH Customer Portal found on our website. All of the information you provide via the Customer Portal is password-protected and encrypted. You can enroll, drop and transfer classes, as well as update credit card information and make payments via your Customer Portal.


CLASS AUDITS:  Yes, new students are welcome to audit a class in the appropriate age-range. Please be advised that audits are for students only. If the actor likes it and decides to join the class, the full session amount would be due by the second class. If they decide it's not for them, then the audit is free.


CLASS CANCELLATION: A 30-day written notice has to be given when canceling a class. Drop forms must be completed and submitted to the Front Desk of YAH to begin the drop period. Students are responsible for all tuition fees during the 30-day drop period. Tuition charges are based on the date of the notice, not the last class attended. No studio fees or registration fees will be refunded when cancelling. Any students cancelling will not be allowed to perform at Local Agent Showcase in the Spring.


CANCELLATION POLICY FOR PRIVATES: Private Acting Lessons or Audition Tapings -Student agrees to provide a minimum 24-hour cancellation notice by telephone or email on the day of the booked private lesson or taping. In the event that they fail to give 24 hours notice, student agrees that the credit card on file will be charged for the missed session at the standard rate. There are no make-up classes for missed private lessons.


ATTIRE AND CONDUCT: Please wear appropriate attire to move around in. Please bring a 3 ring binder to class with you each time. No toys, or food are allowed in class.


WAITLIST: If class size becomes maxed out, a waitlist will be open to students wanting a spot. Students on the waitlist will be in offered a spot when one becomes available.


WAITING AREA: Students should arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before scheduled class time and be picked up no more than 5 minutes after the class ends unless arrangements have been made with the studio. Please be quiet and courteous so the ongoing class isn’t disrupted. Children must wait inside for parent.


HARASSMENT POLICY: Young Actor's House will not tolerate any harassment, bullying or other in-appropriate behavior between students or the students’ parents. Any student or parent who experiences any sort of harassment, bullying or in-appropriate behavior during classes should immediately contact Lauren Lazell at [email protected] Bullying of any kind is unwanted; aggressive behavior that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time. Bullying includes actions such as making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone physically or verbally, and excluding someone on purpose. This can be both in person or online – “cyber bullying.”


PARENT OBSERVATION:  During classes, parents are requested to remain outside the classroom to avoid possible distraction.  We do not allow parents to view our classes, as we believe it's important for our students to feel as if they have a place where they can grow creatively on their own terms.  Just like in the real world where your child will go in for the audition without you, we believe it's important for their development to gain confidence on their own.

If you are interested in seeing your child in class, we offer periodic demo classes (typically the last class of Fall and Winter sessions), where family, friends, prospective students and industry professionals are welcome to attend.


THE LOCAL AGENT SPRING SHOWCASE: The Local Agent Showcase is a very popular event; therefore it’s important that our actors are ready to perform. The student understands that eligibility is at the discretion of YAH and YAH has the right to determine participation. YAH may withdraw students showcase eligibility if a student misses more than 2 classes in April-May.


COMMUNICATION AND QUESTIONS: We will communicate studio news, events, performances, closing, holidays, etc. with you through email blasts, Facebook, and Instagram. The classes at YAH run back to back so please try to ask instructor questions by email or phone so classes do not get interrupted. Any advances in classes must be through an instructor approval.